The Obstetrics and Gynaecology department; Our team of experts provides world-class medical care and are committed to meeting the patient’s emotional needs in a safe, supportive and highly confidential treatment environment.
our friendly nurses and doctors make any patient and family feel welcome and assured that they are in safe hands.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department offers the following range of services:
• Prenatal counselling
• Antenatal counselling and follow up
• Care of pregnant women from early pregnancy until delivery
• Postnatal Services, Contraception and Cervical Smear
• Management of abnormal cervical smear (Pap smear).
• Transvaginal/ transabdominal ultrasound.
• Family planning, IUD insertion & removal
• Infertility & reproductive disorders treatment.
• Diagnoses and management of PCOS.
• Diagnosis and management of heavy and abnormal vaginal bleeding
• Diagnoses and management of Gynaecological infections, sexually transmitted diseases
• Operative surgery: Laparotomy, myomectomy, ovariectomy, ovarian cystectomy
• D&C, Polypectomy
• Repair of Uterovaginal Prolapse,
• management for Ectopic Pregnancy.
• Aesthetic Gynaecology: perineorrhaphy and labiaplasty.
• Sexual and reproductive health.


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